TCLP(India) Pvt. Ltd. extends the functionality of Container Freight Station (CFS) by automating the complete processes
  starting from the container arrival at the station.
Provide environmental solution palletization in order to carry out cargo handling and storage efficiencies.
An bonded warehouse serves as secured storage area where goods are stored, manipulated and can also be
  manufactured without paying any duty.
We as a Cargo General Warehousing Agents provide high level professional warehousing services and care that is the
  assurance of the safe arrival of your product anywhere, anytime.
Ample open Container Yard is for storage of all types (Dry, Reefer, Hazardous, etc.) of loaded containers.
We Offer unparalleled Custom Handling Services.
Provide a wide variety of solutions such as Polyolefin shrink wrap, 3 layer shrink wrapping, in order to prevent the cargo
  from any kind of transit damage problem.
First and last-mile Connectivity through own fleet of trailers.
Customised Solutions for Customers handling various cargo.
One area that new clients are often surprised to find out that TCLP(India) Pvt. Ltd. specialize in is Cargo stuffing and
Our Services includes Sheet Wrapping of products.
The TCLP(India) Pvt. Ltd. has the most extensive offer of logistics services such as Labelling and Sorting.
Working with your quality control team, we establish customized SOP for quality Inspection Service to be used by our
  staff to examine your cargo.
We have designed and developed customized re-packaging solutions specifically for the requirements of various
  industries to prevent from transit damages like breakages, scratches, dents, abrasions and corrosion.
With an impressive array of value-added services tailored to the logistics industry including Re-Bagging, TCLP(India) Pvt.
  Ltd. understands that there are special requirements for shipping the product to its stores.
List of Equipments are maintained which includes, brand new Kalmars, Forklifts, Hydra, Crane Etc.
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