Mission / Vision
Our vision is to render services far more superior than other National and Multinational Operators in the Logistic Industry.
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Tel: (+91 2143) 220394
Fax: (+91 2143) 220393
Email: info@takecarelogisticpark.com
Welcome to Take Care Logistics Park (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Born out of a vision, a single-minded objective that puts service before anything else, The principal objective of TCLP(India) Pvt. Ltd. is to catering to the current needs of modern day logistics solution through its state of the art infrastructure with safe and reliable service quality. TCLP(India) Pvt. Ltd. moved ahead as a leader in the scenario of CFS operators. The management boasts of rich and varied experience in the CFS industry.

Since its inception, the management has internalized customer support and prompt service as a yard-stick for measuring the success of its operations. Nothing is more important than customers receiving the best possible attention and our ability to offer innovative ideas to assist them.
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